• Lac Cole Artist Residency

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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Above: Alexandra Darbyshire Flood, Otnabog IV, oil on canvas, 61 cm x 51 cm, 2020

"I'm bringing along a bunch of random materials from my studio up to Lac Cole without over thinking it, then I'm going to let the environment speak to me. I have a good feeling The Shack has the power to crack open a part of my brain that may have been asleep after 3 months of lockdown in the city, in a little apartment. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity, and I know other artists taking part in this residency in the future will feel the same."

- Alexandra Darbyshire Flood, June 2020

Goache on paper studies in the first few days of Alexandra's "Push the boat out" residency at Lac Cole, July 2020.

Curious fungi on a walk around Lac Cole, July 1, 2020.

Lac Cole.

Paper assemblage created during Alexandra's residency at Lac Cole

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