• Lac Cole Artist Residency

Willem Deisinger August 9 - 16

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Willem is a philosophy student at the University of Ottawa where he focuses on ethics, politics, and aesthetics. Outside of philosophy, he has focused on graphic design, illustration, and sculpture. His sculptural work has focused on human interaction, communication, and the speculation of ecologically utopia futures which have been featured at Art Engine in the OAG in Ottawa, Ontario.

Willem's currently interested in the limits of reason and what harmonious natural ecosystems can show us about the human political atmosphere. Recent works are comprised of collaged material that follows and contradicts a sense of uniformity. This is done through pattern and strict lines, and contrasting with a feeling of randomness and playfulness. This playfulness is further explored through his mixed-media drawings where he explores what could be the subconscious and a lack of reason.

These methods will come together to allow him to explore a topic of anxiety and political strife. Historically, the political system has been driven by passion, rhetoric, and persuasion. The ideal of progress should follow a sense of truth that humanity can understand and stand behind without an inauthentic approach. Contrasting this process of progress, nature's botanical ecosystems follow their innate needs of water, light, and persisting through time. This allows a fine balance within the system. How can we learn from these ecosystems to better understand our own political systems?

Willem Deisigner working at The Shack, Lac Cole, August 2020.

Untitled, Conte and graphite on paper, 7" x 4"

Untitled, Conte and graphite on paper, 7" x 4"

STEAM 2020

Untitled, collage, 11" x 8.5", paper and graphite.

Untitled, collage, 11" x 8.5", paper and graphite.

Work in progress at The Shack, Lac Cole.

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